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Athletics Frequently Asked Questions

Are tryouts required for membership on teams?
Yes, in most cases.

  1. Parent Permission Form for the current school year – must be notarized
  2. Current physical exam on FHSAA approved form
  3. Insurance information accompanied by the insurance fee or waiver of the same
  4. Birth Certificate (copy)

What are the academic eligibility requirements?

  • All students must maintain a cumulative 2.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale or its equivalent, in all courses he/she takes to be eligible.
  • Exceptional students who are pursuing a special high school diploma shall be required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale in all those courses necessary for the completion of the requirements for the special diploma as prescribed by the district school board.

I am interesting in pursuing more than one sport. Is this possible at FWBHS?
Yes, but it is easier if the sports do not share the same season.

Are students who are promoted to the 9th grade automatically eligible under FHSAA rules?

After 9th grade, how is eligibility determined for the beginning of the year?
Students must have earned enough credits to be on grade level and must have earned a 2.0 GPA. (4 point scale)

Whom would I contact if I were interested in trying out for a team at FWBHS?
In most cases, you should contact the head coach in that program. The telephone number for the athletic department is 850.833.3300 ext. 4406. If you are unable to reach anyone in the coaches’ offices, leave a message in the main office at 850.833.3300.

In order to play one sport, can I be required to play another?

Who is the athletic director at Fort Walton Beach High School?
The FWBHS Athletic Director is Phil Dorn, 850.833.3300 ext. 4405.

Are transfer students allowed to play sports?
Yes, unless your transfer is for athletic purposes, which means you cannot transfer just to play sports.

What athletic activities are available at Fort Walton Beach High School?
See the available TEAMS.